We're different... and we like it that way!
We are a Technology Company
We design, we develop, and we program. We love code, and over the years the principals of RadWeb have created everything from high-speed servers to object database systems, programming languages (yup, we really are that geeky), social networks, business apps, enterprise solutions, and so much more.
We are Investors
There’s a lot we bring to the table. We have a stable of resources ranging from capital to technology to talent. But we’re picky. We seek only opportunities that can significantly benefit from our direct involvement and that are complementary to our experiences.
We are Business Partners
We are hands on. Our combined experience and available resources let us solve problems and create leading solutions. We can provide assistance to your team or be your complete technology partner.
We are Advocates
We’re not shy and are often outspoken. We advocate openness, capitalism, and interoperability – which are not necessarily mutually exclusive. We are members of the OpenWeb Foundation, OpenAjax Alliance, and RadWeb’s CEO is the former Chairman of the non-profit Data Portability organization.