Response to the 'Anonymous' Attack Against
RadWeb's CEO, Steve Repetti

It is unfortunate that people that hide behind the veil of anonymity think it is ok to personally attack others with inuendo, mischaracterizations, misrepresentations, and out and out lies. This has been happening to me in increasing amounts since I filed litigation against a South Florida company consisting of several semi-affluent individuals.

Thus far I have taken the position to ignore their Ďanonymousí rantings, and instead maintain focus on family, customers, business partners, and associates. My responses to their actions have mostly been through the legal system, much of which is still ongoing. Others have responded unsolicited on my behalf (thanks for that!).

The best response, I think, will come from the court transcripts when this is all over, and where they all will be held accountable for their actions. In the meantime, just a few comments:

  1. These actions are not from anonymous parties, they are associated with a company called CrunchFire, (of which I am a former co-founder) whose principal active parties are:
    Frank Nemanic

    Eric Picchetti, also goes by Eric Park
    Scott Dresden

  2. They say I am a scammer, con man, and felon (and SO much more), yet, as a result of my work with startups, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies have fully vetted me and authorized me to do business in the law enforcement industry Ė as required by law -- as such, I have dealings with hundreds of law enforcement officials every day.
  3. They donít like that I am a board member of the StartupBus and they have gone out of their way to contact the founder, executives, other board members, and even StartupBus alumni to spread their vile.
  4. They donít like that I have active successful relationships with multiple startups, so they have contacted the startups, the principals, board members, and even their shareholders to spread their lies. (One of the startups, a significant VC-backed firm, has filed a lawsuit against CrunchFire for tortious-interference and other claims for these very actions).
  5. They donít like that CrunchFire was thrown out of two companies that we were mutually involved with, yet I was asked to stay.
  6. They donít like that they have been unable to manipulate the court system against me and were forced to withdraw a motion that essentially constituted a fraud against the court on their part (a significant action that is still pending against them).

There is SO much more to respond to, but Iíll trust the legal system to resolve all of this. The damage they have caused is significant and ongoing, and their day of reckoning is coming. Also, they may try to hide under the umbrella of anonymity, but now you all know itís just a bunch of affluenza-impaired individuals throwing a tantrum because they canít get their way.

Thanks to all of my family, friends, and other supporters.

Kindest regards,

-- Steve Repetti (not anonymous)

CEO/CTO, RadWeb Technologies
Managing Partner, Radweb Technology Partners
New World Angels Investor IX-A, X, XI, XII, XIII
Investor Miami Innovation Fund VII, VIII-B, IX-A, X, XI, XII
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